Welcome to my personal devLog for INTO THE VORTEX, my Capstone Project from the Game Level Design post-graduate program at Sheridan College.

My role in the project is Gameplay, Level, and Environment Designer, as well as Project Manager.

Information about the development, release, and post-mortem of this project will be also available through the social networks of the project:

INTO THE VORTEX is a 3D interdimensional stealth adventure for PC focused on parallel world exploration, rescue, and survival.

Plot: You are the chief scientist of A.S.T.R.A. Labs. A time fracture occurred after the Vortex technology was developed, splitting the reality into two different universes. A post-human predator force of unknown origins invaded after the first interdimensional travel experiment, taking your crew as hostages and threatening to invade and destroy your world.

Your mission is to stop them and shut down the Vortex Project before it's too late.

The release candidate aims to be advertised in late August 2016 through Steam Greenlight for further development and publishing afterwards.

  • Use the Vortex to explore parallel worlds to solve challenging puzzles and mysteries
  • Deep and Immersive atmosphere with unique aesthetics and mood on each parallel reality
  • Use stealth, interaction with NPCs and elements on each world to progress in the game
Latest updates:

August 17th, 2016

Our trailer is up and we expect to have ready our release candidate by the end of next week. Industry Day will take place on August 25th at Sheridan College, where you can play our beta and know the team.

August 5th, 2016

Thank you for visiting my devLog. We're currently working on polishing our game mechanics, especially the stealth moments, mission objectives and interactions. We're also dedicating almost half of the time to create the right atmosphere for the different universes: futuristic and post-apocalyptic.

We have conducted two playtests so far with highly valuable feedback from our testers. One of the most important tasks is to tackle down the major bugs and issues with camera and controls, so as to provide a more fluent and enjoyable experience.
The time has come! You can download the beta (zip file) by clicking this link:

Note: You might need a controller (XBOX preferred) in order to play the game. The keyboard mapping could be a little confusing, but it works as well.

We are very excited to share our demo to the world. Enjoy it!
Platform: PC

Minimum requirements:
2 GB Graphic card

Recommended quality settings: "Good" when 
deploying the Unity exe file.