Game Demos

This is a compilation of my recent works in Unity. I am focused on Level Design and new gameplay mechanics. In those projects, I always aim to implement environment design, 3D modelling and environment design in order to create more elaborated prototypes for future developments.
Disclaimer: Some content in the prototypes, such as textures, models, fonts, music and sound effects are not claimed to be my property. They have been added as part of the prototyping and for academic purposes only, therefore, those projects are not aimed to be used as commercial projects, nor income is expected from them. Copyrighted material may be included which is property of the owners, artists and or publishers.
1. Retrofuturistic Racer
Love the 80's!
Arcade racer level prototype. The general theme and composition of the track is inspired on the retro futuristic and 80’s science fiction movies, such as Tron, Knight Rider, Runaway, and Blade Runner. Music by Dynatron - "Pulse Power" and Vector Hold - "Interstate".

Visit my Game Documentation section for more information on A.I. and level design.
Download Demo
Instructions: download it, unzip it, and enjoy it.
1. Unreal Tournamen Map
Capture the flag
This FPS capture the flag map was created in the latest version of Unreal Tournament Editor. Level design theory and FPS map design approach were applied in this map so as to provide a balanced multiplayer experience up to 8 players in a closed combat arena, inspired on a real world location.
2. Stealth Game
Sneak, hack, and escape!
From the basis of an old Unity public project, I have implemented new mechanics and A.I. behaviours for the enemies and traps, as well as a brand new weapon: the EMP Disruptor. Visit my Game Document section for more info.
Download Demo
Instructions: download it, unzip it, and enjoy it.
3. A.I. Ecosystem
Artificial Intelligence Prototype
A very simple ecosystem example with 3 NPC's with their own behaviour, using FSM and Behaviour Machine. This is a practical way to develop A.I. and behaviour for simple games.
Download Demo
Instructions: download it, unzip it, and enjoy it.
4. Wave
This is probably one of my favourite projects so far. Sprint Weeks is a five-day game jam at Sheridan College where at least fifteen teams participate in the development of a quick casual game. This year the objective was to develop an arcade game for the Sheridan Arcade Cabinets available through the campus and at Level Up Showcase 2016 in Toronto.

The game is a base defender for two players, where hordes of monsters/aliens are coming from everywhere in waves, destroying the base's windows, doors, and ultimately attempting to kill you. The objective is to survive as many waves as you can, working as a team using the traps in the base, repairing windows and shooting the monsters.

I contributed to the level design, texturing, some coding and functionalities (like the base alarm) and day and night cycle, as well as the intro screen concept.
Dowload Demo
Instructions: download it, unzip it, and enjoy it.
5. Boxy - 3D Platformer
A 3D platformer created from an old Unity package, implementing cinematic cameras, sound effects, boss battles, and more!
Download Demo
Instructions: download it, unzip it, and enjoy it.