Character design is also one of the topics I love the most. I like to explore different ideas using concept sketching, 3D modelling and different theoretical approaches from concept art, like character profile sheets and design bibles.

This is a collection of different characters, ones made entirely from the scratch based on personal ideas and others made using references from movie characters, game characters, variation from other artist's works, and also using portraits or pictures from real people.

Character Design

Disclaimer: Some content in the prototypes, such as textures, models, fonts, music and sound effects are not claimed to be my property. They have been added as part of the prototyping and for academic purposes only, therefore, those projects are not aimed to be used as commercial projects, nor income is expected from them. Copyrighted material may be included which is property of the owners, artists and or publishers.
  1. T-1000 1984
    T-1000 1984
  2. Hunter
  3. Clone
  4. Ares Torso Close Up
    Ares Torso Close Up
  5. Shiva
  6. Demonoid
  7. Ares Full Body
    Ares Full Body
  8. Forsaken Next-Gen Concept
    Forsaken Next-Gen Concept
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