Although 3D modelling is probably not my best strength so far, I consider it as a very powerful tool in my skills set as a game designer. I am proficient using different software packages and tools. I am willing to dedicate the right time on 3D modelling and even animation, on small projects, while I rather pass this task to the artists in a larger project and focus on the gameplay and level design instead.

I usually start with concept sketching and references before jumping to the software tools, and whenever possible, I use prefab assets or stuff from previous projects in order to speed-up the production flow.

The following are examples of my work using the following tools: Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox, Sketchfab, and Unreal Engine.

3D Assets (Vehicles, Sets, and Props)

Disclaimer: Some content in the prototypes, such as textures, models, fonts, music and sound effects are not claimed to be my property. They have been added as part of the prototyping and for academic purposes only, therefore, those projects are not aimed to be used as commercial projects, nor income is expected from them. Copyrighted material may be included which is property of the owners, artists and or publishers.
  1. Plasma Rifle
    Plasma Rifle
  2. Military Vehicle Work-ups
    Military Vehicle Work-ups
  3. Military Set 1
    Military Set 1
  4. Military Set 2
    Military Set 2
  5. Military Set 3
    Military Set 3
  6. Military Set 4
    Military Set 4
Interactive 3D Model in Sketchfab
Military Vehicle